The Only Nationwide Publicly-procured PBM Contract

In partnership with Health Action Council (HAC), we’ve developed the only nationwide publicly procured pharmacy benefits management contract, SourceRx. 

More than 20 years ago, HAC created what is now the longest standing, non-profit PBM coalition in the country. This coalition is one of nation’s largest, with more than $1 billion in annual spend, and delivers pharmacy benefits to more than 3 million employees and family members. 

SourceRx is a revolutionary PBM coalition that offers self-insured employers a more cost-effective way to procure and deliver pharmacy benefits to their employees. The coalition provides greater prescription drug price stability, extensive flexibility, and budget certainty, while also delivering an average of 25% savings to new participants in the coalition.

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Read more about our revolutionary PBM Program in our program overview brochure.


Who is Sourcing Alliance?

Sourcing Alliance is a public sector group purchasing organization that develops and administers a select portfolio of already-procured cooperative purchasing programs that cover a wide range of products and services. Each of our programs provides contracting compliance and the ability to configure the solution that best meets your individual needs while achieving the lowest Total Cost of Ownership. Learn more about our procurement process.

Who is Health Action Council?

The Health Action Council (HAC) is a non-profit membership organization focused on improving the relationship between business and health through thought leadership, innovative services, and collaboration. More than 20 years ago, HAC created the largest, longest standing, non-profit pharmacy benefit management (PBM) coalition in the country. This coalition delivers pharmacy benefits to more than 3 million employees and their families, with more than $1 billion in annual spend. 

SourceRx: What's in it for you?

Health Action Council and Sourcing Alliance provide the following PBM related services to SourceRx participating groups at no additional cost:

Initial Pricing Analysis

A detailed comparison between the price you pay for your current pharmacy benefits management program
and SourceRx.

Quarterly Reviews

Regular reviews of program performance to ensure customer satisfaction.

Annual Audits

Individual audits to verify master agreement terms and pricing are properly applied to each participant; participants receive full (100%) refunds of any overcharges.

Annual Market Checks

An intensive process of securing pricing from competing PBM providers each year to ensure the most competitive pricing is available to SourceRx participants.

Ongoing Education

Education from the some of the most knowledgeable PBM experts about changes in the PBM industry and how those changes may affect each participating group.

Coalition Participants

Sample Market Check
The process of becoming a SourceRx participant begins with a Member Market Check. This Market Check is a comprehensive comparison of your current PBM plan to SourceRx that will determine whether or not SourceRx will significantly reduce your PBM expenditures. View this sample market check.